Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Speed, Performance, Native Look & Feel


Native mobile applications are a great way to showcase the unique features of your business. eNet Advertising can build your app and handle all aspects of the app building process including design, development, testing and quality assurance, app store submission and, finally, app release.

For some businesses, native applications are the only way to allow for the best possible user experience. HTML5 based web applications are a great tool for basic functionality on mobile platforms, but for more complex uses or if you need a seamless, fast and incredibly easy to use app, native applications are the only way to go.

Apps as a Revenue Stream

Have a great idea for an app that you just know will take off and be a hit? Google Play and the Apple App Store are incredibly powerful marketing tools to sell your app and gain user awareness. Apps can be a great revenue stream. However, the best app idea in the world is no good if the app is not developed correctly. eNet Advertising can take your app idea, and turn it into a top-notch app that consumers want to download.

There's loads of ways to make money with apps. For some, charging a fee per app download is the way to go. For other apps, in-app advertising within a free app can be a great way to generate revenue. If you need more opportunity for monetization, there's also things like in-app purchases to help get consumers in front of your app while continuing to build a revenue stream.

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